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Hope. Dream. Realize.   

The Anova Center for Education, or ACE School, is a pioneer in the field of educating children with neurodevelopmental impairments, especially those with high functioning autism and nonverbal learning disability. 

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At our ACE Schools, our students not only grow...they thrive. We hear time and again how children never wanted to go to school until they attended ACE. We witness our students learning, growing, and developing in ways their parents had previously only dreamed of.

We teach strategies for success and have a profound commitment to our work, those we serve, and our community...a commitment that produces measurable results. We change lives. 

We are the only program in Northern California specializing in children and teens with high functioning autism with related social, emotional, behavioral challenges.

  • When a student receives services from Anova, they are certain to show improvement in their academic work, acquire social and communication skills previously undeveloped, enhance their self-esteem, and become better prepared for post-school experiences.
  • We are committed to advancing our students through a rich and highly personalized academic curriculum, while effectively treating their individual challenges. At our ACE Schools, we are dedicated to helping each of our students realize their full potential, achieve personal aspirations, and lead an overall higher quality of life.
  • Many ACE students have been unsuccessful in public school environments and have been referred by local school districts unable to serve them within their own resources. Our multidisciplinary team of teachers and clinicians produce an Individualized Education Program (IEP) for each student with the goal of providing intensive education and treatment to this unique population of students.  

Our proprietary "Anova Method of Education" incorporates a comprehensive and simultaneous application of essential treatment modalities: 

  • Highly individualized academic instruction.
  • Social Cognition Therapy/Speech Therapy.
  • Occupational Therapy/Sensory Integration.
  • Applied Behavior Analysis/Positive Behavior support and 1:1 Behavior Aides.
  • Customized classroom and therapy environments with extensive specialized equipment/technology.
  • The latest in technology including tablets and computers, and learning programs including MINDS math program, ST Math program, Lexia Reading program, and Brain Gym.
  • Sensory Gym class, Drama, Music, Art, Physical Education, gardening, life skills, and much more. 
  • Highly trained team of teachers and therapists. 
  • Fun after school programs, camps, and therapy clinic seamlessly integrated within the school curriculum. 
  • Social skills groups.
  • Integration of diagnostic and therapy services into academic instruction provides the holistic approach to education our students need to learn and grow.
ACE School Academic Curriculum: 

Based on the California Department of Education Curriculum Frameworks with customized educational plans tailored to meet the specific needs and levels of each individual student. An overview of these state standards and benchmarks include:

  • Reading/Language Arts: Listening, Communicating, Associating, Reading, and Literature.
  • Mathematics: Introduction to Mathematics, Arithmetic, Geometry and Measurement, Function and Algebra, Problem Solving and Mathematical Reasoning, Mathematical Communication, Statistics and Probability. 
  • History/Social Science: Historical, Ethical, Cultural, Geographical, and Economic Literacy, Critical Thinking, California Geography, United States History and Geography, World History and Geography, Democracy, National Identity, Heritage, Civic Rights and Responsibilities.
  • Science: The Nature of Science, Physical Science, Life Science, and Earth Science.  
  • Visual and Performing Arts: Music, Theater, Dance, Visual Art, Artistic Perception, Creative Expression, Historical and Cultural Context, Aesthetic Valuing.
  • Health: Personal Health, Consumer and Community Health, Injury Prevention and Safety, Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs, Nutrition, Environmental Health, Family Living Goals, Individual Growth and Development, and Communicable and Chronic Diseases. 
  • Physical Education: Sensorimotor and Perceptual Motor, Locomotor, Non-Locomotor, Balance, Eye-hand Coordination, Eye-foot Coordination, General Coordination, Creative Movement, Cooperation, Personal Fitness, and Respect.
  • Transition Planning: Transition services designed with an outcome-oriented process, that promotes movement from school to post-school activities, including postsecondary education, vocational training, employment, adult services, independent living, or community participation.   

Extra-curricular Activities Include:

  • Yearbook
  • Student Council
  • School Newspaper
  • Student Talent Show 
  • School dances
  • Spirit Days

ACE School Fundamentals:

  • Provide a supportive and positive learning environment.
  • Small classrooms coupled with a comprehensive and individualized  curriculum. 
  • Consistency and structure in the classroom and on campus.
  • Posted schedule of daily school activities.
  • Consistent expectations among all teaching staff, SLP, OT, APE, and administration. 
  • Staff use of consistent therapeutic vocabulary.
  • Teach adaptive skills as effective replacement behaviors.
  • Students learn pivotal replacement behaviors that can be used in a variety of situations and community settings. 
  • Our professional therapists work with students in the classroom and a specially designed clinic space to seamlessly integrate their treatment into the school curriculum.  

This one-of-a-kind model was developed at Anova, and is referred to as the Anova Method of Education (AME). AME extends far beyond standard school requirements and is anchored by multidisciplinary treatment involving the frequent and direct use of Behavior AnalysisSpeech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Social Cognition, and positive behavior support in both clinic and classroom environments. 

Our highly qualified teachers instruct Kindergarten through 12th grades with individualized academic programs that meet state standards and utilize state adopted textbooks. ACE School programs are data driven, with measurable and observable goals for our students based on formal assessment. Goals are continually revised as each student progresses. We train all of our staff in functional analysis assessment technology and positive behavior intervention strategies, and incorporate these principles into our school-wide and individualized behavior programs. 

All ACE campuses are certified by the California Department of Education/Special Education Division as a non-public school (NPS). 

For more information or schedule a tour, please contact Lindsey Perez at
(707) 527-7032.

"Since starting my child at the ACE School, I have had the delight of watching my son blossom both behaviorally and academically. What's more, his teacher has helped me with a system that applies the social skills he is learning at school to our home environment. I am amazed at the changes I have seen."  - Mary, parent of a 2nd grader                       


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