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Where you'll find the ACE wonders of the world...

Each month, we will travel to an extraordinary corner of Anova's world. We will be highlighting Anova students, parents, staff, and alumnus that represent some of the special people that emulate the true heart and spirit of Anova.

This month, Anova wonders ...

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Who Aced the Race for Student Council?

The new ACE Marin Student Council leaders are a class-act!

ACE Marin Student CouncilLucas Adelman

Any politician will tell you it takes a lot of work and enormous drive to run for office. The same is true for running for Student Body President! A lot of students would opt out of taking on all that responsibility. Not 6th grader Lucas Adelman of ACE Marin, who was recently elected as their new school Student Council President. He also wins the record for the youngest President in the history of Anova. This young leader served on the Student Congress last year and enjoyed it so much, he decided to run for President this year. Lucas says he wants to make a positive impact on the school and shared some great ideas such as fundraising to buy additional P.E. equipment. When asked what he liked best about his new role, he said it was when the Council gets together to meet every other week.

Lucas has been attending ACE Marin since 3rd grade. He is a very caring and talented young man with a preference for retro ‘80 classics and art. For example, his favorite movie is Back to the Future, he loves 80’s music, his favorite video game is the original Super Mario Brothers, and he is currently learning to play Black Sabbath and AC/DC on this guitar! Great taste, Lucas! He also loves anything that is iconic pop culture and blew the audience away with a superb rendition of “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus at this year’s ACE Marin Talent Show. You would have never guessed that Lucas never had formal singing lessons and had only been playing guitar for a few months prior to the show. 

Lucas is also a Marvel trivia enthusiast and he and his dad have made an annual pilgrimage to Comicon for the last 3 summers in San Diego. In addition, he loves movie trivia and reading about or finding "Easter eggs" (inside references hidden in movies).

His talent doesn’t stop there. Lucas wants to be an actor when he grows up and shared his charisma on-screen as one of the shining stars in our Anova CAREs about Autism video. Great stage presence is a good characteristic for both a budding politician and actor! Congratulations, Lucas, on your many achievements!  We wish you an abundance of success during your tenure. 


ACE Marin Student Council Jack Hamill

Jack Hamill just might actually be our US Vice President one day. His enthusiasm is contagious as he talks about his new role as the ACE Marin Vice President. This 7th grader joins Lucas as the youngest Vice President to serve on the Student Body Council. His classmates call him “Jack-a-pedia” and rightfully so. He is a plethora of information, trivia, and ideas! One of the things that stands out about Jack is his desire to help others. As Vice President, not only does he want to help other ACE students, he wants to help those in need within the community. Jack’s ideas span from school supply trading to projects to feed the hungry. In fact, he wants to be an engineer when he grows up to discover new technologies to battle cancer.

When he’s not coming up with great new ideas, Jack loves P.E., math, video games, playing golf with his sister, and swimming. Jack was also one of the entertaining stars of our Anova CAREs video, sharing his plentiful and heartfelt endorsements of the school.  In fact, as we were closing up the interview, Jack pointed to me and authoritatively said, “Anova helps kids and changes lives.” Thank you Jack for bringing your entrepreneurial spirit, leadership qualities, and big heart to the ACE Marin Student Council. Through your new role, you are on the road to helping kids and changing lives as well.

Melissa WarrenMelissa Warren

Melissa Warren, an ACE Marin Classroom Assistant has taken on the role of Student Council Leader/ Staff Advocate overseeing the bi-weekly meetings and council activities. She said the meetings are a way to brain-storm fun ideas including how to raise money for the student body and the community.  They are busy with a Holiday Canned Food Drive, Toys for Tots, and voting on Spirit Day themes. The Canned Food Drive and Toys for Tots is happening now until December 12. Each classroom will compete in collecting the most cans and the winning classroom will be rewarded with a "Good Samaritan" prize!

Melissa feels the Student Body Council is a great way to teach students leadership, responsibility, being on a committee, working as a team, helping the community, how to vote, and thinking of others.  She is excited to guide this top-notch group of students in accomplishing great things this year at ACE Marin.

Thank you, Melissa, for taking on this worthy cause. We wish you and your innovative young leaders a very successful year!

Posted by on Monday November 17, 2014
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