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About Anova

Welcome to Anova's website! We encourage you to explore its many pages to learn more about Anova, our services, ACE Schools, and how we can help you.    

  • Anova is Northern California’s most trusted provider of educationalbehavioral, and therapy services for children and teens (ages 5 through 22) diagnosed with high functioning autism, social and emotional challenges, learning differences, and other neuro-developmental impairments.  
  • A just-released report from the Journal Pediatrics shows Autism now affects 1 in 40 children; These rates continue to increase every year. With a new child diagnosed with autism every 20 minutes, our educational and treatment services are needed more than ever.
  • Anova is an established leader in special needs education, a world-class clinic and treatment facility, and a valuable community resource since 2000.  Anova has changed the lives of hundreds of families by teaching essential life skills for independence and instilling the confidence required for success in school, home, and work. 
  • Anova serves almost 200 students, and provides services in 15 counties across the state, helping over 400 families throughout Northern California. We are proud to have served almost 5,000 families to date.   
  • Anova's highly effective, one-of-a-kind treatment model called the Anova Method of Education (AME), is a unique combination of multidisciplinary treatments within a specially designed classroom environment that has proven to be very successful.  

  • Our ACE schools are the only specialized program in Northern California to serve children and teens with high functioning autism and related social, emotional, and behavioral challenges.  
  • Our core practice is to provide elementary, middle, and high school students with a comprehensive and supportive learning environment combined with highly individualized academic, social, and communication-based programs.  This unique integration of diagnostic and therapy services into academic instruction provides the holistic approach to education our students need to learn and grow.
  • Anova's two K-12 ACE Schools are based on California Department of Education Curriculum Frameworks, with customized educational plans tailored to meet the specific needs of each student. This curriculum is implemented by a first-class team of professionals who work in concert to enable each child to realize his or her full potential.
  • We teach strategies for success and have a profound commitment to our work, those we serve, and our community...a commitment that produces measurable results. Anova changes lives through dedication, expertise and proven solutions. We envision a world of strong communities where every family is supported, and all children achieve their full potential. 
  • Our superior team of teachers, behavior analysts, and therapists whose expertise in working with children with learning disabilities is wide in scope, are specialized in developing new programs and services to meet the needs of those with autism spectrum disorders.  
  • Our multi-faceted educational program provides students with essential transition planning and life skills needed to enter into adulthood and reach their individual career and life goals.
  • Anova Founder Andrew Bailey, is a highly experienced clinician and educator who has 33 years of experience working with children and families.Mr. Bailey recognized an urgent need for educational and treatment options for Northern California families and launched Anova in 2000. 
  • Mr. Bailey was appointed as Chair of the North Coast Area Regional Task Force on Autism and Related Disorders and is the developer of the Anova Method of Education and the ACE school model. 
  • Anova is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and our ACE Schools are Certified by the California Department of Education/Special Education Division as a non-public school, and by the California State Department of Social Services to work with families, residential homes, and day programs. 
  • Anova believes that children living with autism require direct instruction in social and behavioral skills in order to receive educational benefit. The ACE School provides these essential treatments so that children may learn and thrive. 
  • Anova was founded on the belief that all children deserve the opportunity to learn and will succeed when provided with the proper learning environment. By providing each student with a customized academic, social, and communication-based program, the multidisciplinary team of Anova professionals can produce significant and observable results for students that were previously thought to be unteachable. 

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