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Sonoma County

POSITION TITLE: ACE School Coordinator
ACE Contra Costa Campus in Concord, CA 

FLSA Status: Exempt
UNIT / ORGANIZATION: Anova Center for Education (ACE) School Program
REPORTS TO: ACE School Director / Director of Educational Services

This position is primarily responsible for providing guidance to the teaching / clinical staff in support of the School Director to ensure a positive and high quality teaching environment; ensures ACE School compliance with agency policies and procedures as well as State and Federal regulations and standards.



• Under the guidance of the School Director this position provides supervision, effective collaboration, feedback, and direction to Teachers, Designated Instructional Service Providers and supporting staff, Paraprofessionals and Administrative staff directly supervised, ensuring that job descriptions are stated understood and met.
• Maintain effective communication with employed / contracted DIS providers to assure their effective collaboration with online staff.
• Assist with hiring, training and performance evaluations for all staff positions as requested by School Director.
• Assist with the development and monitoring of individual professional goals as requested and in collaboration with the School Director.
• Assist with all training for ACE School staff; including in-service trainings provided by Anova staff and other designated service providers.
• Assist with orientation procedures with all new staff and coordinate orientation activities with other designated Anova staff.
• Assist with facilitating communication and resolution of staff personnel conflicts to ensure a harmonious and productive classroom environment.
• Communicate and consult with the School Director and the Anova Management Team regarding any staff conflict and/or disciplinary action proposed or deemed necessary.

KEY RESPONSIBILITY AREA: Development, Oversight & Evaluation of Behavioral and Educational Components

• Assist with the monitoring and implementation of all ACE School behavioral, education and therapeutic activities to ensure that the agency mission and strategic plan are followed; Collaborate with School Director and take action to correct any discrepancies and ensure a positive and high quality teaching environment.
• Participate in activities to ensure ongoing program effectiveness, including but not limited to: review of available materials and literature, site visits to other programs and attendance at pertinent and approved professional organization meetings.
• Assist in communication with outside agency personnel and community members regarding referrals, IEP process, and certain aspects of the ACE School program.

KEY RESPONSIBILITY AREA: Intake/Acceptance Process

• Attend pre-enrollment IEP meetings as needed and have the ability to describe and discuss ACE School services with Team as they would pertain to the individual student.
• Follow up with the IEP Team decisions and communicate with the necessary professionals to facilitate the efficient application of those decisions.
• Assist School Director to ensure the completion of student intake information and assume responsibility as needed to provide the appropriate copies to the ACE School personnel and the business office.

KEY RESPONSIBILITY AREA: Facilities Management

• Responsible for establishing and securing the school’s building site on a daily basis.
• Responsible for ensuring cleanliness, safety, and organization of ACE School physical plant including but not limited to the following activities:
-Ongoing inspection and correction of cleanliness of safety issues throughout
-Communication with the janitorial service to assure ongoing cleanliness of ACE School building
-Communication with Building Managers to expedite maintenance and repairs.
-Coordinating daily task lists for staff and ensure compliance.
• Identify ongoing needs for equipment, furniture, materials and supplies.
• Following the appropriate procedures for securing the identified areas of need for equipment, furniture, material and supplies in coordination with the School Director, Director of Educational Services and the Anova Business Office.
• Assist in the management of completion of construction, maintenance, decoration, and other activities required to furnish and supply the school building.


• Comply with all Local, State and Federal Laws applicable to the delivery of the professional services rendered by a Non-Public school.
• Assist in the completion of activities relevant to this positions as required by the California Department of Education pursuant to maintaining certification as a Non-Public school.
• Understand and is prepared to implement current SELPA guidelines including all requirements / content of the LEA’s Current Master Contract and Individual Service Agreements.
• Assist the School Director to ensure the organizations accurate and timely compliance of business operations with all local, state, and federal government reporting requirements business standards and contracts.
• Coordinate and oversee the preparation and provision of information and/or supporting documents for campus’ self and onsite review process conducted by the California Department of Education.


• Ensure adherence to Anova’s policies and procedures and other governing agency regulations and standards as appropriate at all times.
• Maintain working knowledge and an understanding of current Master Contracts.
• Assist with the design, implementation, and monitoring of ACE School Policies and Procedures including lesson planning and IEP protocols.
• Ensure the completion of all routine documentation required for compliance and billing purposes is received by the Anova Business Office within the appropriate timelines.
• Collect, review, approve, and ensure the submission all required reports within the appropriate timelines, including but not limited to, monthly attendance records and designated service logs.
• Participate in the Student’s Rights Committee and coordinates its activities as necessary.
• Assist in Anova’s Safety committee by participating in the development of safety protocols, coordinating and / or providing trainings in crisis intervention, and tracking injury / behavioral / emergency / incident reports.
• Conduct monthly compliance procedures including by not limited to fire drills, school building report card and safety review, and adherence to medication management policy.
• Assist with staff orientation procedures / activities.
• Assist with the oversight of the organization’s contract fulfillment and business management system (Central Reach) ensuring the effectiveness of the design, integrity of information entered, efficiency of daily use, and meaningfulness of compiled reports.
• Ensures compliance with organization’s Purchase Requisition and Purchase Authorization systems.
• Assist in the assurance that documents required by accounts payable are delivered in a timely manner with proper signatures and supporting documentation. Provide that all reasonable discounts are taken on purchases.
• Ensure that any funds collected on campus are forwarded to the controller in a timely manner for deposit.
• Ensure an orderly filing system is in place for all campus required documents.
• Maintain knowledge of and ensure compliance at school campus with organizations document retention and destruction policy.
• Responsible for the safety of organization’s Fixed Assets.
• Assist with the preparation of special reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information and trends as needed.
• Assists in the management of relationships, compliance and quality of service with outsourced functions.
• Upon request, prepare and present status reports for the School Director and the Anova Management Team as needed.


• Cover activities during program hours during staff shortages.
• Open facility in the morning and / or lock up in the afternoon.
• Conduct tours of facility/programs.
• Write occasional newsletter articles.
• Assist with Human Resource functions as needed.
• Complete other duties and assignments at the discretion


• Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services Profession, California Special Education Teaching Credential and / or California Administrative Credential preferred.
• Experience: Experience working in an administrative and supervisory role in a special education setting is required.
• Experienced in working with special education students utilizing the concepts of Applied Behavior Analysis approach is required.

• Skills (technical):

• Working current knowledge of Educational law.
Excellent math and analytical skills.
Knowledge of contracts and institutional billing.
Strong working knowledge of internal business administration systems (Central Reach) and external reporting management systems.
Strong working knowledge of student information systems (RenWeb). 
Strong basic through advanced accounting skills. 
Proficiency with MS Office suite.
• Proficiency with Central Reach.
Previous supervisory experience.

Skills (non-technical):
• Ability to work with and supervise subordinate staff.
• Ability to communicate effectively with staff, families, and integral professionals / agencies.
• Ability to monitor and evaluate staff performance.
• Ability to prepare clear and concise reporting documentation for review by the School Director, Director of Educational Service and the Anova Management Team. 
• Ability to promote cooperation and a feeling of teamwork among subordinate staff. 
• Ability to listen to the concerns, suggestions, and complaints of students served and/or employees supervised.
• Ability to encourage an atmosphere that is conducive to helping students achieve their greatest potential in the least restrictive environment.
• Ability to understand current theory in education, relevant ethics and legal mandates, and other State and Federal legislation as they pertain to the operation of a non-public school.
• Strong organizational skills. 
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Ability to work under pressure and deadlines. 
• Ability to multi task and manage details.
• Able to organize and track a wide variety of concurrent activities. 
• Ability to identify and resolve problems.
Ability to meet deadlines.


• Financial Responsibility and Authority: Limited
• Supervisory: Assist School Director with the oversight of Teachers, Designated Service Professionals and supporting staff, Classroom Assistants, Office Administrator.
• Typical Working Conditions: Normal office and classroom environments, constant interruptions, noise, onsite at events and meetings.
• Equipment Used: Computer, telephone, copier, fire, sensory.


[O=occasionally(up to 3 hrs), F=frequently(3-6 hrs), C=constantly(6-8+ hrs)]
• Lifting/carry to 30 pounds – O
• Keyboarding – C
• Reach overhead – O
• Kneeling, pushing/pulling, squatting, stooping, standing - O
• Sitting - C
• Driving – O
• Standing all day - C
• Repetitive Motion – Hands (typing) - C
• Stress relating to deadlines and competing priorities – C

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